Urban Paradoxes is a company that works on improving the society we live in.



Brand identity


Urban Paradoxes is as complex as it says, in fact, this company does research in the many complex situations that some instances try to create but result in something else. Urban Paradoxes has the vision that collectivity is key, so in that way those paradoxes could occur less. And that starts with diverse networks, intersectoral activities or collaborations resulting in talking the same language. For all that together I’ve been asked to create the visual identity and website for them.

The tower of Babel


To such noble work I wanted to create a sophisticated identity that — of course — reflects the work and vision of Urban Paradoxes. After exploring many vague side paths and brainstorming the idea of making a modern version of “the tower of babel” came by. Not long after, the pieces fell into place when I figured out it should be the finished top of that painting. So that metaphorically, people would finally get along with each other.  


This finished top that I made represents the diversity of a growing society and it might also bring a city-map or favelas to mind. Or not? On top of that — pun intended — the identity is dynamic, mimicking all of her projects which are also diverse. And the company name appears like a cloud on top of the tower as in the painting ‘the tower of Babel’ [c.1563] from Pieter Brueghel. Printed at Letterpers

Designing for a good cause gives me great joy #designmatters.


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