Soundshare is a digital stage for music makers where they can shine and find useful sounds.


Brand identity
User research
Social media design
Interaction design
User interface design
UI testing


Soundshare is a platform for music makers. The guys of Soundshare made a brilliant platform but the usability and identity was not optimal. They asked me to make it better.

Logo design


To make it better, I first conducted user research and found out everything about the user. This roughly meant that the previous efforts needed a radical redesign to make it user friendly and feel right way for them — desirable, adult and playful. 

New samples screen


What I made in the end is a functional, dynamic identity. Every type of music has its own shape — derived from DJ controller device buttons — and therefore the user can already find useful sounds by scanning the application. It’s a dark design, that was an easy choice as the user mostly works in the dark, on a laptop or desktop computer. But of course she can also use the platform on smaller devices.

The interaction design is tailored to the users needs and developed agile in order to keep on making the right steps. 

Following screen with upload element

It is fun and scary to let a user make her sounds visual and not a mess.

Concept Instagram feed
Concept Instagram feed

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