Rouze offers the finest sexy stories for (almost) any moment.


Brand identity
Social media design
Interaction design
User interface design (web)
UI testing



Rouze is an app with stories that are sexy, classy and sassy. The founder of it asked me to design the application and identity including visuals for the stories.

Book covers
Selection of book covers


It was a large journey with many iterations to find out how to do tell that it’s something erotic and not tell that it is cheap and definitely that it should not feel like a taboo having it on your phone. I’ve tackled that by simply testing it one the user and asking questions like: how do you feel about that?.


With fine, tangible illustrations and sophisticated typography I’ve tended to make it cool, contemporary and even show-worthy.

App icon
Concept Instagram feed
Concept Instagram feed

I just gave it some text appeal.


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