Luca is a playful app for children with a psychological challenge


Illustration & animation
User research
Interaction design
User interface design (iOS)
UI testing


The client simply requested an application for a method where children with a psychological challenge can improve themselves. Trusting me on making it work.

A sketch and end-result


The method already existed on paper and I’ve developed the idea of a not just a digital but also playful design. One of the issues to tackle was that a trajectory can be different in many ways. Like time-wise, the amount of steps and content of those steps. Therefore, I’ve created modular pieces of the mountain which can be filled with custom steps. 


The application became playful, easy to use and modular. Because of the wide age range the visuals also became a sort of adult to not undervalue the older users. 

When the subject is as sensitive as in this project it needs some proper user testing. So we did.

For Parnassia – in collaboration with Serviceheroes.

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