I’m a lucky girl
— I get paid to create things.


It is not just art direction, I love making projects work into the very most detail. By working Strategic on all kinds of brands and experiences. I love innovative and daring design because it has a positive impact for the user and people is simply what matters most. The is why my work and products meaningful, therefor I think I am a lucky girl.I work for and especially in collaboration with small companies, start-ups and also bigger international organisations. Like cultural, commercial and healthcare institutions, an airline, telecom, an automotive and a travel company. EXP



Currently I’m performing art direction on digital and print design. They consist out of brand identity and interactive experiences. 







I had the honour to collaborate with different agencies. Such as KLM, Codedazur, Fontys, Rouze, Soundshare and Djoser.

Summers are passing by and already each is so different than the other. Even in the Netherlands because the digital revolution seemingly knows no restrictions. This world full of opportunities for small and big companies that are trying to respond to it and even be a pioneer. Design has a big part to play, I help companies to bringa vision, art direction and visual design for that.





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